Friday, 21 January 2011

Focus on Friday: Base Jumping

For today's theme I'm going to Focus On certain people, places or adventure sports and activities that I think are impressive and briefly talk about them! They'll all be adventurous, often dangerous and incredible - Adventurers and their adventures always provide a sense of amazement and I want to focus on these amazing things each friday. First up is Base Jumping

Photograph courtesy of Casual is Cool 

Base Jumping is an incredibly dangerous activity where slightly mad thrill seekers jump off buildings and cliffs with a parachute - free falling for a matter of seconds before opening their chute and hoping to survive to reach the solid ground safely. While the thrill might be unlike any other, the danger is incredibly incredibly high; but I guess a lot of the best adventures involve an element of danger, often danger is controllable or avoidable - jumping off a building is never going to be danger free! Now-a-days Base Jumpers have sought even more of a thrill and started wearing wing suits; flying down the faces of cliffs at incredible speeds.

Above is an incredible Base Jumping wing suit video for you to enjoy. You can see the speed the reach and the thrill these guys must get from throwing themselves off a cliff. I'm not sure i'd have the nerve to step off solid ground in to thin air - especially doing tricks like back flips and things! Maybe one day I'll have the chance but would I take it, would you?? Enjoy!

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