Friday, 28 January 2011

Focus on Friday: Adventure Travel Live

Sorry for the lack of posting this week; my Birthday and an exam got in the way a bit but for the weeks ahead I will be posting once a day if not twice! For the Focus on Friday this week I'm going to look at Adventure Travel Live which I will be going to tomorrow! It started today and ends Sunday and is basically exactly what it says on the tin; an Adventure Travel show/exhibition/talk event...thing!

There are lots of people talking across the weekend including Al Humphreys, Dave Cornthwaite and Doug Scott to name but a few! Along with the talks are various stalls and things to look at so it should be a really good day; hopefully I'll get to meet a few big names as well! If I wake up early enough I'm really keen to see Doug Scott, who's speaking first, talk about his climbing career. If any of the readers are going please let me know - i'll probably we walking around like a lost dog! I'll be sure to post a review of the show and the talks I attend some time next week.

Book your tickets here if you haven't already got one! A list of Exhibitions and Sponsors here and all the show features here. Enjoy, and maybe see you there!

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