Monday, 3 January 2011

Everest from Space

I've just been browsing the internet and came across an awesome picture of Mt Everest taken from the International Space Station. I can't really work the picture out as it looks rather odd in 2D but it's still a really cool picture worth a look! Thankfully the Everest summit is pointed out along with Lhotse - working out what is what would be fairly hard otherwise!

Everest and the Himalayas from the International Space Station. Courtesy of  Earth Observatory NASA. 

Enjoy the picture! Photos from space make everything look so small and unimportant in the grand scheme of the galaxy and universe, even the highest mountain of Earth! More information on the photograph can be found on the Earth Observatory NASA link above.


  1. If all adventurers had their way that would create a even bigger carbon problem would it not? There are much bigger challenges than Everest in a housing estate near you if you want to be a hero.

  2. Not sure what you're getting at, especially as you've chosen to comment anonymously. If you want a serious reply then don't give negative comments anonymously.

    I'd also recommend you read a little more of the blog, you clearly don't understand.


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