Sunday, 16 January 2011

Changes are Coming!

Hi all,

From tomorrow (Monday) Exceed Possibility is going to be changing a bit! I'm going to start a themed post for each day of the week (Monday-Friday) to add a bit of structure and organisation to the posting! I may also post random bits around the set posts for the day but will aim to keep to a structure. One example of a themed day will be Thursday's Thoughts - i'll write about a certain issue or belief in the adventure world as I have done before; you can see my previous Thoughts down the right of the page; to find out the other themed days you'll have to keep coming back to check this week!

The blog has been up a little over a month now and i've had nearly 800 hits, over half of which are unique, and have nearly 400 followers on twitter which seems good. I recently started a Newsletter which i'll aim to do around once per week; you can sign up to it on the right, and can now also get the Blog's Feed sent to your e-mail address (sign up on right also) and be a Google Follower as well.

As i've said before two interviews should be on their way; just waiting as adventurers seem to have a lot on their plate at the moment which is understandable! If anyone has any suggestions for the blog then please let me know; I'm looking to try different things until it works well and want to know what kind of posts people like most!

I'm constantly looking for sites to share links with so if you have one then please e-mail me at or comment here. Similarly if you would like to do an interview or advertise on the blog then please contact me! I can also answer any questions you have and am always keen to hear about other people's adventure stories and their views.


Exceed Possibility

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