Sunday, 30 January 2011

Adventure Travel Live Review

Yesterday I went to Adventure Travel Live (as I mentioned on Friday). I was aiming to get there early to see Doug Scott talk at 11 but unfortunately was a bit too late for this. I arrived and had a look round at the stalls; most of which were more holiday than adventure travel it seemed - some interesting things to do but all for the pampered one directional traveller I thought - who knows??.

The talks were what I was really there for so I first saw Alex Hibbert speak about his record breaking journey across Greenland in 2008 - a really good talk with some incredible photographs; I'm so jealous he had the chance to undertake such an adventure at the age of 22, I'm 21 so need to get a move on! I bought a signed copy of his book afterwards which I'm thoroughly looking forward to reading!

Straight after seeing Alex Hibbert talk I went to see Dave Cornthwaite talk about his various adventures - I'd been lucky enough to interview him for the blog and meet him before, as well as currently working as an Intern for him, but the talk was amazing and the room packed full of people! I also bought Dave's book and DVD - another book I need to get around to reading; I've got a large pile of 'To Read'!

Following this I was lucky enough to be invited for a drink with Dave Cornthwaite and a few others, these turned out to be Mark Kalch, Louis-Philippe Loncke, Lee Hughes, Andy Welch and a few others. It was nice to meet lots of different people, all undertaking varying, but amazing, adventures around the world. I felt rather unimpressive being merely Tom Evans who writes a blog about adventure and isn't off around the world and doing talks about it....yet!


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