Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The View from Everest

The summit of Mt. Everest offers some of the most spectacular views on Earth when the weather is clear. The horizon stretches for miles and miles in all directions, with hundreds of lower peaks separated by deep valleys and glaciers. Getting to the summit is tough, and getting back down to Base Camp is even more dangerous but the time spent at the top must be magical and breathtaking - literally!

Here's a video I found on you tube of the view from the roof of the world:

Courtesy of YouTube user BazzaRoberts1

I can't think of many views that would compare to that shown in the video. Everest is a mystical place and the reward of reaching the summit is the beautiful view that confronts you. It's worth the effort alone to see that; I imagine i'd have a tear or two in my eye as I gasped for air, stumbling to the summit. Many people get around half an hour to soak up the views - I'm sure half a lifetime wouldn't even be enough.

Enjoy the video! Don't look down!!!

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