Sunday, 12 December 2010

Save the Himalayan Glaciers

The Himalayas are arguably the epicentre of great adventure, they hold the biggest mountains in the world and cover such a vast area of the globe. Past a few thousand metres above sea level the mountains are home to glaciers, these are a vital water source to millions in Asia but are in decline.

I was scanning the web recently and came across a picture comparing a photograph taken by the great George Mallory in 1921, on his reconnaissance expedition of Everest, with a recent photo. The photo shows the Rongbuk glacier flowing down the picture with Everest in the background. Check it out below:

Photographs by George Mallory and David Breashears, courtesy of TG Daily 

The decline in the extent of the glacier shown in the picture is alarmingly obvious; glaciers have been the climbing frame of adventurers for many years now and it would be such a shame, as well as a great threat, for them to slowly disappear. Arguably this process has been caused by global warming, it is one that we cannot ignore; Great exploration has been fuelled by the beauty of the environment and landscape - I certainly hope that we don't choose to ruin what we have.  

I hope that when i get the chance to climb Everest I won't see even more alarming evidence of glacial decline. The adventurous among us need a well maintained environment to explore and enjoy.

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