Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Power of the Sherpa

Whilst trekking in the Himalayas last summer I saw first hand exactly what the sherpas do and how impressive they are; I may not have seen those sherpas that climb but the fitness and strength I witnessed is incredible. Whilst plodding slowly along I was passed by an old man carrying a fridge-freezer! The man was barely panting or sweating! Other sherpas bring past multiple bags, food, equipment and we even saw sheep being carried along the trail. I was blown away with how impressive the sherpa people are as well as how happy and welcoming they were to us.

A sherpa with his load. Photograph courtesy of 

The Sherpa people allow thousands of people to trek and climb in their beautiful country whilst doing a lot of the hard work to make it easier for others. This definitely deserves our thanks and respect; once you are able to see their work first hand you're bound to agree with me! Check out my affiliates page for a link to begin your own Nepalese trek with Conquer Everest!

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