Sunday, 12 December 2010

National Geographic Adventurer of the Year

The National Geographic Adventurer of the Year award has become something all adventurers, extreme sportsmen/women and explorers yearn for. It's a great honour and really says a lot about what a person has done with their lives to influence others.

The ten nominees this year are from a range of disciplines and backgrounds, they can be found HERE. I'm particularly glad to see the British Explorer Ed Stafford on there; his trip along the River Amazon from source to mouth was a world first. Having followed it intently I could see how challenging an experience it must have been. Please go on there and vote for one of the ten nominees, my vote is in and I'm thoroughly looking forward to the results!

Ed Stafford in the Amazon. Photograph by Keith Ducatel courtesy of National Geographic.

Thanks to the National Geographic for organising and giving out such a great award. All of the nominees have done great things and deserve recognition.

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