Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The Mystery of George Leigh Mallory

George Leigh Mallory is famous for having died on Everest back in 1924, whether he summited along with Sandy Irvine has always been disputed; many people don't know much about Mallory beyond these facts. I've read quite a bit about him due to a long term interest and am amazed at how skilled a climber he was as well as how intellectual and interesting his relatively short life turned out to be.

The mystery of whether Mallory and Irvine made it is probably the biggest in Mountaineering; different clues have made some people assume they did whilst others argue that their success would have been impossible. I'd like to think that they did make it; they were determined, Mallory was an extremely competent climber and the ascent grew to be what Mallory's life revolved around - I can't imagine him giving it up easily. We may never know what happened unless we find Andrew Irvine's body and the camera that is supposed to have been carried with him.

The discovery of Mallory's body in 1999 was huge news and allowed for even further investigation through new evidence but it's still a mystery. It was an incredible discovery at the time and such an amazing twist in the story of Mallory and Irvine; below is a video on you tube covering the discovery of the body with comments by the team that found him. A life changing experience for those who discovered the body and all those who follow the mystery:

We'll never really know what happened on that day back in 1924 but I would hope that they reached the summit even if they didn't make it back to Base Camp. The drive and ambition of Mallory was incredible and a true inspiration to me; I think mountaineering is very different now days as people carry out climbs for very different reasons and sometimes the wrong reasons. Mallory was a great person whether he conquered Everest or not; he's the reason Everest and mountaineering/climbing in general are so popular now a days!


  1. I tweeted about this last April. Mallory was the first one to conquer Everest.

  2. We'll probably never know for sure but it would be good if he was! Thanks for commenting, enjoy the blog!


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