Friday, 17 December 2010

The Military Connection

Ranulph Fiennes - Bear Grylls - Chris Bonington - Edmund Hillary - Robert Falcon Scott

Captain Robert Falcon Scott in Naval uniform. Photograph courtesy of 

The five names above are part of what appears to be a great trend between the Military and Exploration and Adventure. Each of the five served in the Military and attended expeditions through the military or learnt their explorative and adventurous skills there. Clearly a life in the army, perhaps particularly in the British army, sets you up for a life of adventure; They provide skills and courses that civilians could pay hundreds and thousands of pounds to attend and give a general level of fitness far superior to the average person.

My point is that in order to be a great adventurer and explorer you either seem to have to go through the military (who provided expeditions and training for free) or fork out a hell of a lot of money paying for training and to attend expeditions. I always used to want to join the army when I was younger and now again feel like it might be a wise route to take in my quest for adventure and expeditions due to the training and opportunities I would receive.

I realise others have thrived in the adventure world without military experience or paying their own way but there does seem to be a large trend of military types succeeding thanks to their time served in the military. The military must also offer the discipline and determination required to push yourself beyond the limit as well as presenting the opportunities to do so. What do people think, do explorers and adventurers of the future need a life in the military first? It might be a big help but it may not be necessary; I'd like to explore and take adventures around the world without having to join the military, we'll see if it's possible!

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