Thursday, 16 December 2010

Extreme: Lukla Aiport

Lukla, the trekking and climbing hub of Nepal, is home to one of the most dangerous and extreme airports in the world. It was formed by the great Sir Edmund Hillary and has since become a must for all expeditions entering the Khumbu Himal region.

The airport has, however, claimed lives in various plane crashes. This Summer i had the pleasure/fear of flying in to and out of Lukla Airport in one of the little Yeti Airline twin-engine planes. 

Above is a video I found of the experience, i tried uploading my video but it didn't work. From the video i hope you can get the impression of exactly how scary and extreme the landing and take-off is. While it was a little nerve-racking it was still thrilling and an amazing experience. 
From the experience i could see why this airport is rated as one of the most extreme in the world, the slope angel is extreme, the length of the runway looks nowhere near long enough and the weather conditions can change in an instant. Truly an awesome airport even if it is dangerous; my upmost respect to those who fly in and out of the airport and allow so many people access to the region!

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