Thursday, 16 December 2010

The First Watch on Top of the World

In recent years my interest in watches has been fuelled by my dad and this interest has led to my love of watches used by adventurers and explorers. It's a general belief that the first watch on the summit of Mt. Everest was a Rolex Explorer but through a bit of reading i've learnt that this is in fact not true!

An old Rolex advert showing the watch supposedly worn by Sir Edmund Hillary. Picture courtesy of 

The watch was in fact a Smiths; compared to the Suuntos and modern Rolexes and Omegas that explorers often wear today it was pretty basic but it obviously held up to the conditions. The Rolex advertising was supposedly carried out in order to push the belief that Hillary wore a Rolex. Apparently Hillary didn't reveal the identity of the watch worn at the time but it was later identified as a Smiths.

Today watches are clogged with altimeters and compasses for the modern adventurer but are these really necessary? Why not wear a beautiful looking, simple yet classy watch and remember the good old days of Smith and Rolex.


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