Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Amazing Skiing Video: Desert River

Skiing is one of my favourite activities and living in England means it's restricted to a week or two a year on holidays in the alps. Luckily, for the times when i'm not skiing i'm able to watch videos of others. Whilst browsing the Armchair Mountaineer blog I came across this beautiful video by Nicholas Waggoner called Desert River which was filmed in Alaska.

The music is amazing behind the beautiful scenery and incredible skiing. I'm longing to get my skis on and hit the slopes as soon as possible having watched this - it's inspiring. I'd love to get in to ski mountaineering, this video shows it's true capabilities as it allows access to areas beyond regular 'off-piste' skiing. Skiing is such a rewarding activity; the thrill of speed and movement in such an awesome environment is like nothing else - powder to your knees and the sun beating down makes a perfect day. I hope you enjoy the video and that it can inspire you as it has me!

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